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Kachara काचरा ( per kg)

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About the Product

  • Commonly known as Snap melon in English. Phoot kakdi in Hindi and Kachra in Rajasthanil
    Marwari. Cucumis melD belongs to the family Cucurbitaceae.
  • The fruits are rich source of carbohydrates, vitamins. minerals. antioxidants and dietary fiber.
  • Wild Melon/ kachri contains important nutrient for smooth, younger-looking skin. They love loamy, sandy soil with good drainage and pH level of around 6. Make planting beds around 5 – 7 feet wide and sow seeds on both sides of bed at 1.5 feet distance between two lines. Water it immediately and then water as per requirement. Harvest after 90 to 95 days. Happy Gardening !!

Nutritive value of C. mela (per 100 g referred values):

Carbohydrate                               77.66 g (Dry Weight basis)                                  15.66 g (Fresh Weight basis)
Protein                                         1.84 g  (Dry Weight basis)                                   0.37 g (Fresh Weight basis)
Fat                                                5.60g (Dry Weight basis)                                     1.12 g (Fresh Weight basis)
Fiber                                             6.72 g (Dry Weight basis)                                    1.34 g (Fresh Weight basis)
Ash                                               8.18 g  (Dry Weight basis)                                   1.64 g (Fresh Weight basis)
Energy                                          395.28 K. cal (Dry Weight basis)                          79.29 K. cal (Fresh Weight basis)


Kachara काचरा ( per kg)
Kachara काचरा ( per kg)



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