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Mango Kesar केसर आम (per peti)

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About the Product
  • Gir Kesar, due to its cultivation in foothills of Girnar, is irresistibly sweet, juicy and delicious. Skin is yellow with a tinge of green on the outside.
  • Kesar is a small to medium fruit with a roundish shape and a distinct curved tip.
  • Inside it is a different matter: a deep yellow-orange flesh, smooth and fragrant with intense sweetness when they are in peak condition.
  • The pulp is bright orange in colour. It is an early season variety.


  • It is a good source of vitamin A, C and Potassium.
  • Prevents internal haemorrhage.
  • Treats acidity
Mango Kesar केसर आम (per peti)
Mango Kesar केसर आम (per peti)



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