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Peas मटर (per 500g)

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About the Product

The pea is most commonly the small spherical seed or the seed-pod of the pod fruit Pisum sativum. They have been part of the human diet for hundreds of years and are consumed all over the world. Green peas are a popular vegetable. They are also quite nutritious and contain a fair amount of fiber and antioxidants.



  • Peas have several properties that may help support blood sugar control.
  • Peas contain an impressive amount of fiber, which has been shown to provide many benefits for digestive health.
  • Peas contain a decent amount of heart-healthy minerals, such as magnesium, potassium and calcium.
  • Eating green peas regularly may reduce the risk of cancer, mostly due to peas’ antioxidant content and their ability to reduce inflammation in the body.

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Peas मटर (per 500g)
Peas मटर (per 500g)



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